It is said that in an average day,
a person will see close to 3,000 things containing printed text.
To make someone stop and look again,
we need to show them something different—something unique.
People are drawn to things
they have never seen before.
So we must try things
that have never been tried before.
Printing should not be a simple repetition of the same old processes.
We must find new ways of expressing our world
that move us and touch our hearts.
We will create things that stop people in their tracks,
and make them feel something that they have never felt before
—something they will never forget.
Because printing that is soon forgotten
is the same as a blank page.

Our creativity knows no limit.


Limitless creativity and expressive capabilities forged by our burning desire to take on any challenge. Pouring our heart and soul into our works. The diversity that comes from our ability to plan, to execute, to create, and to engineer at the highest levels. These are our proud strengths, our ultimate weapons, and our precious assets. We do what no-one has done before. We find new ways of expressing our world.

A one-stop solution from image processing
to platemaking and printing

Our services include so much more than simply receiving a manuscript, printing it nicely, and delivering it to you. Our goal is to use the latest printing technologies and monitor market trends so that we can provide you with products that meet your real needs. Image restoration, image composition, color conversion--these and other photo retouching techniques represent our most creative works. As the world has transformed fully from analog to digital, we have built a knowledge base that is second to none. It is this deep well of knowledge and experience that allows us to maintain our excellent reputation in the printing industry—a field known for its exacting standards. From fine art and commercial printing—where subtleties of color and texture can make or break a piece of work—to large-size color prints, on-demand printing, and special processing. We aim for perfection in all our works and across all processes.

Special printing, special processing,
and other creative solutions

We are always looking around us to see how the world is changing, what kind of new printing technologies and special processing techniques are emerging, and what new materials are available. Whether you are looking for strong customer appeal, a good cost performance, or just something a little bit different, we will propose a solution that meets your needs. Maybe you have been told by another company that what you want is “too hard”? For us, nothing is too hard. We have the experience, creativity, and drive to work with you and create a product that you are happy with.



We were invited to be part of the KOKODÉ KAMIGAMI exhibition by French photographer Philippe Marinig and ukiyo-e print artist Daimon Kinoshita. The KOKODÉ KAMIGAMI exhibition is being held at the Palazzo Morosini, an historic palace in Venice, Italy, during the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017. The exhibition focuses on the spirit of sumo, Japan’s national sport. With this exhibition, the artists explore the mystique that surrounds sumo—an interest shared by both Philippe Marinig, who spend close to ten years in Japan, and Daimon Kinoshita. We worked with Takeo Co., Ltd., to print the works on Japanese paper.
2017 / Japanese paper (thick kozo [mulberry] paper) / UV inkjet and exhibition design

57th Venice Biennale KOKODÉ KAMIGAMI exhibition Palazzo Morosini
May 12, 2017 to July 16, 2017


We participated in creating an exhibition by SAMURAI FOTO’s Hiroaki Hasumi of works with a cherry blossom (sakura) motif. UV white inkjet ink was effectively used to render the works on Japanese gold-leaf folding screens while maintaining the beauty and presence of the delicate gold foil paper.
2016 / Gold foil paper / UV inkjet

From the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts,

We created a poster to be displayed in stations advertising the exhibition “From the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston KUNIYOSHI & KUNISADA” held in March 2016. The poster was the result of a collaboration with Kawaguchi Electric Works Co., Ltd., an equipment manufacturer that possesses state-of-the-art technologies such as silver nano-ink and electrostatic motors. The fan! The mythical Tengu! The giant shark! They feel so alive.
2016 / Special paper / UV inkjet

desertic shop 3rd Anniversary
Liquid T-shirts Acrylic Keyholder

This is an acrylic keyholder that we were commissioned to make for the third anniversary of the opening of the desertic apparel brand store. The keyholder uses colorful acrylic to express the contrast of materials that is at the heart of the desertic brand. We made a limited batch of 100 keyholders all with different color combinations. We were involved right from the planning and design stages.
2017 / Acrylic / Laser processing


This is an etching-style 3D poster with 36,000 perforations that are punched out to form an image. We were commissioned to create everything from posters and pamphlets to flags, panels, and variety goods.
2015 / Clark Kent (paper) / Offset printing


A decoration truck made of paper that lights up when it moves. The visual was printed by UV inkjet on special paper printed with silver nano-ink. This was exhibited by the Paper Electronics Research Association at IGAS2015. The exhibit was the result of a collaboration using technologies such as printed circuit boards and electrostatic motors.
2015 / Special paper / UV inkjet and cutting processing


Company name SHOEI INC.
Address 2-5-22, Suido, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0005, Japan.
Phone +81-3-3811-6271
Fax +81-3-3811-6276
Website www.shoei-site.com
Established March 6, 1953
Capital JPY 10 million
Representative Director Wataru Inoue
President & CEO Satoru Inoue
Director Katsumi Wada
Auditor Yumi Inoue
Number of employees 40
Correspondent financial institutions The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Kasugacho Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Iidabashi Branch
Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Edogawabashi Branch
Tokyo City Shinkin Bank, Akihabara Branch


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The personal information obtained from the Inquiry Form will not be used for purposes other than to contact you to confirm the details of and answer your inquiry. Please read the following information concerning how we handle personal information. If you agree with this policy, please click the Confirm button.

Personal Information Protection Policy

As a comprehensive printing company that is always looking for new ways to provide innovative services, SHOEI INC. strictly manages the sensitive personal information that you entrust to us. Amid the pressure companies face in today’s society to provide a higher level of convenience, we have strengthened our compliance mechanisms and do our utmost to ensure that we do not cause an information security incident such as the leakage of personal information. In addition to establishing a set of standards and a management system for the protection of personal information, we have also formulated the following personal information protection policy. We make sure to familiarize all our employees with this policy and implement management and operations based on rules that accord with this policy.

Purpose of use of personal information

The personal information that we receive as a comprehensive printing company is used for the purpose of creating platemaking data for newsletters, bulletins, trade magazines, invitations, and greeting cards, and delivering finished products.

Basic policy

(1) Appropriate collection, use, and provision of personal information
SHOEI INC. collects only the personal information required to execute its business, using appropriate means. Except as required by law or other relevant regulation, SHOEI INC. will not use or provide personal information other than for the purpose agreed to by the owner of the information when the information was collected, and implements measures to prevent the use or provision of personal information other than for the agreed purpose.
(2) Implementation of safety measures
SHOEI INC. takes all reasonable steps to prevent personal information from being accessed illegally, destroyed, incorrectly recorded, altered, leaked, or otherwise manipulated, and implements measures to immediately remedy the situation should any such incident occur.
(3) System to handle complaints and inquiries
SHOEI INC. handles requests from the owners of personal information to disclose, correct, delete, or change the scope of provision of personal information, and responds to complaints concerning the handling of personal information, quickly and in good faith.
(4) Legal compliance
SHOEI INC. complies with all laws and nationally established principles and norms concerning the collection and use of personal information.
(5) Continuous improvement of management system for protecting personal information
SHOEI INC. makes every effort to continuously revise and improve the company’s management system for protecting personal information so that all processes related to the handling of personal information can be carried out appropriately.

Wataru Inoue, President
Established June 1, 2007
Revised October 20, 2011

Concerning the handling of personal information

When providing personal information to SHOEI INC., we ask that you read and confirm the following items, and, if you agree with these, your personal information will be transmitted using a secure means of communication.

Name of company SHOEI INC.
Personal information protection manager Katsumi Wada

(1) Purpose of use of personal information
  • 1. The personal information that we receive as a comprehensive printing company is used for the purpose of:
    • • creating platemaking data for newsletters, bulletins, trade magazines, invitations, and greeting cards; and
    • • delivering finished products.
  • 2. The personal information that we receive in the course of recruitment activities is used for the purpose of:
    • • candidate selection management; and
    • • communicating information to candidates such as interview dates.
  • 3. The personal information that we receive from employees is used for the purpose of:
    • • employment management.
  • 4. The personal information that we receive from inquiry forms is used for the purpose of:
    • • responding to inquiries.
(2) Personal information protection organization
Please contact the following organization if you have any complaints or inquiries concerning how SHOEI INC. handles personal information.
JIPDEC Phone: 0120-700-779
(3) Voluntary nature of personal information provision
Providing your personal information to SHOEI INC. is not mandatory. However, without accurate personal information, it may not be possible for SHOEI INC. to deliver appropriate services or provide correct information in response to inquiries.

Contact for inquiries, complaints or consultations concerning the handling of personal information

Contact for inquiries, complaints or consultations
Reception hours: Monday to Friday (except public and year-end holidays) 10:00-17:00
Contact details: Personal Information Protection Manager, General Affairs Department, SHOEI INC.
Phone: +81-3-3811-6271, Fax: +81-3-3811-6276

Note that requests for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, provision, notification of purpose of use, and denial of use or provision of personal information will be processed in accordance with SHOEI INC. company rules. Please contact the personal information protection manager for details.